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Re: Bringing back an old game - Name the TrekLit Quote

Well, you got it, Steel. It's Intellivore - obviously a Trek novel that's made a huge impact on the Trek community Ah well. I just liked the name of the novel, that's why I picked it up and read it - not Duane's best book.

Go ahead and pick your quote, but try to make it something people will recognize because otherwise this thread will qualify for the most boring of all time, and I don't want to be responsible for that.

And, trampledamage, good suggestion: from now on, no more than 15 or so guesses. A hint is allowed from the OP of the quote for every 5 wrong guesses, if necessary. If after 3 hints nobody gets it, then someone new gets to post a quote.

Also, new rule: no more than two guesses per user per calendar day. That should keep things fair.
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