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Re: Ratings are in !

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These ratings are not good. But it doesn't matter. It may not bode well for any potential spin-offs, but they will finish the BSG series as planned.
Caprica is getting the Green light

How's nuBSG doing overseas ?

Its a Great British flop
The eighth episode of the new series of the BBC1 crime drama, starring Trevor Eve and Sue Johnston, attracted 6.1 million viewers....
..Channel 4's Grand Designs Live attracted 1.9 million viewers...BBC2's documentary Age of Terror attracted 1 million...US drama Battlestar Galactica brought 236,000 viewers and a multichannel share of 1.2% to Sky One in the 9pm hour
Dude, shut up! No-one here cares. No-one. If there was a chance at Season 5 we might be watching the ratings, but there isn't, we know there isn't, the show is ending in 15 episodes time so the ratings mean absolutely fuck all. I'm just happy that enough people I know like and appreciate the show both here and in real life that I get to talk about it each week, that's enough.
BBC1 - in 100% OF UK HOMES

BBC2 - in 100% OF UK HOMES

ITV1 - in 100% OF UK HOMES

C4 - in 100% OF UK HOMES

C5 - in 95% OF UK HOMES

Sky One - is a paid-for cable/broadband service, and it's coverage is even smaller now Virgin Media is no longer showing this channel due to a falling out (just after BSG's "Unfinished Business").

C4 has consitantly been getting Sky's cast-offs (SG-1 and Atlantis after Sky has shown them) and even though officially repeats, the figures for these shows are higher on Channel 4 than Sky, the same for Heroes, which was shown first on Sci-Fi channel (UK), then "repeated" by BBC 2.
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