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Re: USS Grandeur - One... More... Time!

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... As the Citizen said, this ship has a multi-vector assault mode, though I really dislike that term, and both major sections are independantly and heavily armed.
I dislike the term as well... I guess it's the new treknobabble for ships that seperate for a purpose other than emergency evacuation. Grandeur seperates like the Enterprises do, but we are doing it to have a better advantage of wiping someone out quick and getting to the heart of the problem!

But also, when we do have to seperate, we employ our mobile assault ship... LOL (has a nice ring to it, huh...) the USS Blackfoot. She's being redeveloped by Brian "Smallworld" O'Loughlin right now... here's a peek-ster...

The front view reminds me of a stretched out Defiant.
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