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Re: Wheaton On 'Reinventing Star Trek'

Yep. Those are probably the two. I'd actually put three of them in the "great" category. First Contact, Star Trek III and Star Trek VI. (He probably excludes III?)

Really, though, I think all 3 of those had mainstream appeal too. Star Trek was very popular during the ST II - ST IV run of movies, in particular. That is when even my mom went with us to see them in the theater (and LIKED them).

Especially "Star Trek IV: The One Even Your Mom Liked"

A lot of the hardcore TOSers don't like it, but the Bennett / Meyers / Nimoy era was my favorite period of Trek. That is when I really started getting into it. I suspect the new movie might be the same way - turn off some percentage of the hardest of core fans but help them build a broad audience again.

That is, if it is successful. I have high hopes! Nimoy's "thumbs up" of the project and involvement is the main reason I am optimistic.
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