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Re: USS Grandeur - One... More... Time!

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There are a pair of photorp launchers above the deflector, a single quantorp launcher below the deflector and another single quantorp launcher on the bottom of the saucer. There will also be at least two or three aft-firing photorp launchers. Of course, you also have pulse cannons on either side of the deflector, the heavy pulse cannons on the bow (not yet shown in the latest renderings), and numerous phaser arrays all over the ship (several of them not yet shown).

As the Citizen said, this ship has a multi-vector assault mode, though I really dislike that term, and both major sections are independantly and heavily armed.
Gotcha. Well, I figured it was purpose driven since you don't seem the sort to just go "HOLY MOLY!!! MOAR GUNS!!!"

I think it's gorgeous.

If Star Trek ever gets produced in the TNG timeframe ever again, I hope they hire you to do ship design. Seriously... Best thing I've seen since Jeffries and Probert.
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