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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

Well Keegan said he would want Henry. And Wenger said he would "never say never" to his return. I also imagine a few other clubs would gladly take a partly fit Henry. Exhibit A: Curbishley bought Freddie Ljungberg on his massive wages when anyone who watches football part time could tell you FL was never going to have a run of fitness again. But, it's all moot really; Henry has clearly said he would only come back to one club in England. My bet is he stays in Spain. If the new manager puts in a system which suits him, he may actually show some of the old Henry again. When fit.

Now I'm reading Adebayor is making wage demands at the club. Every single summer its the same thing. Never how will the team improve with key signings, but can Arsenal hold on to the key players it has. I've grown weary of it. This is a big summer. It's been three seasons since silverware. The youth system is working fine, but it time to buy some veterans and put experience in the team. I say bring in Micah Richards for some English steel in the back.
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