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Re: USS Grandeur - One... More... Time!

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There's ONE tiny little sniggling thing that I don't like about it... The saucer-mounted torpedo launcher. There's already three above and below the deflector... I just feel the lines on the bottom of the saucer would be a bit nicer without it.
Well, if I am to understand the question correctly...

1- to the p&s of the deflector are the pulse-cannons, like on the Defiant.

2- in the center above the deflector is a torpedo launcher. As far as I know there isn't anything on the bottom of the deflector.

3- the underside of the saucer has a quantum topedo launcher, in nearly the same position as Ent-E has.

4- on the bow of the saucer will be twin proto-cannons (the big guns) when the time comes for them to go in place.

I believe there is a torpedo launcher on the aft of the ship too.

As stated above, Grandeur is a tactical cruiser; we have a multi-vector attack mode like the Prometheus does (being a fighting vessel)... but it's just the saucer and stardrive that seps though, so both parts have to have adiquate weaponry.
Here's a pic of the deflector with the torpedo launcher underneath.

And a pic where you can see both.

It's really only the third (or fourth, I guess, since the one above the deflector is a double tube launcher) launcher on the underside of the saucer that I would change and I would smooth over the underneath like the rest.

HOWEVER, I just noticed that the older pic that I just posted (showing the launchers above and below the deflector) has it exactly how I would make it.

However, like I said, that would be the ONLY change I would make to the entire ship.
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