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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

Well, the off season rumor mill is already in full gear. Some rumors are silly, some a lock.

Talkinga bout Barca, Spurs appear to want Eto'o. I heard there was some question as to whether they can afford him. I would be surprised if he went to a club not playing ECL football. He also now linked with Arsenal.

Hleb's agent says the midfielder's move to Inter is near certain. This is madness. Arsenal could afford to lose Flamini. And it could afford to lose Hleb. In no universe can it afford to lose both. Both these players make Fabregas better, and I can't imagine he's at all happy.

Back to Barca for winner of the silliest rumor so far: Henry to ... America. Not just America, but the brand new team Seattle. Football aside, and that's a big aside, he was publicly moaning that Spain was top far from his daughter in London. Can't imagine the West Coast working.
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