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Re: USS Grandeur - One... More... Time!

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I've wondered for a while, why is it called the USS Grandeur-A when the registry also bears a suffix? For example, we had the USS Enterprise wasn't the USS-Enterprise-A. Just something I've wondered.
That is a good question and one I am not sure I have a great answer for but I will try. All I can say is that the orignal Grandeur got really messed up in one of our stories, and that is what sparked 'the Commander/the citizen to design the next new Grandeur which as you know in trekdom takes on a new letter the second one being "A" that and along with the fact that we have what is known as the Grandeur-A project, we just sort of kept calling it the Grandeur-A. But when we use the numbers we also include it on that as well.

I think if you look on most updated ships on the saucer you will see the number followed by the hyphen and the letter.....on the Star Trek CCG playing cards you will have the card listed by the updated name like Enterprise-A but you will see on the saucer the number as well NCC1701-A.

No biggie I guess just something we use and say to let people know this is not the first ship called Grandeur in the Avalon Class but its successor.
Hope that makes a little sense.
Oooh, okay. For some reason I thought "USS Grandeur-A" was an official name rather than just a shorthand way of referring to it such as "Enterprise-A". That makes a lot more sense.
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