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Re: USS Grandeur - One... More... Time!

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This ship OWNS the sovvie. I love this design so much more than that other ... thing.
We think so as well Not that we have anything against the Sovie I like it all right, but I do have a great love for this ship, Vektor is doing an outstanding job, much more then we ever thought possible I guess.

The updates, as most people proberly think, are not as often as we would like, but we know that jobs, family and other things come first, so we are more then patient with all he is doing.

I am just glad to see all the many fans of Vektor's work especially on this wonderful ship hang in there all of this time and continue to give it many many praises.

Still looking for a few others to work on the Grandeur-A Project. We are so happy with all the ones that have volunteered in the past. Thanks to everyone for supporting it thus far.
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