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Re: Why did Doohan hate Shatner?

Sarah, with all due respect, you simply have no way to back up your staements. All you seem to be going on is second and third hand information from sources who may not be accurate or may have an agenda of their own. Shatner rubbed people the wrong way, sure--lots of tv stars did and continue to do so--but most if not all of what you are saying is just opinions filtered through time, nothing more. So, yeah, Shatner wanted the best lines to go to him and not to the day players. Do you honestly think that ANY star of a network show is going to give away lines and time on the show that he/she is the lead performer? To the day players/glorified extras? Please.

Have you ever met Shatner? I have, and under a variety of circumstances, and I've seen nothing but a focused actor--not the monster described by some. Why does it rankle people so much that Shatner (gasp) promoted himself while working in an industry that requires people to do so? Why does it anger trekkies so much that Shatner doesn't always want to be a part of their little club? The more I see nonsense like this thread, the more I appreciate his "Get a Life" sketch.
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