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Bringing back an old game - Name the TrekLit Quote

There was a thread like this a long while ago that I started (and it's probably been done before, too). The idea is that someone writes a line from any published Star Trek book or short story (fan-fiction not allowed) and the first person to correctly name the source gets, well, a pat on the back and the chance to pick their own line.

Oh, and it's probably not fair to guess, if you're the author of the quote.

It's really just a way to waste some time, but what the heck?

So I'll start. Name the book:

"Picard's second cup of tea got cold, and the fishtank bubbled on, the lionfish inside it bumping incuriously against the glass and gracefully waving its tan-and-cream-striped spines. It was no wonder, Picard thought, that such people would see him as a demonic figure, and the Enterprise and her sister starships as symbolic of everything they stood against - of doing and being in the universe, of asserting one's own right to exist and to work out what life should be, which was worth desire and passion and energy."
"Every time we let ourselves believe for unworthy reasons, we weakon our powers of self-control, of doubting, of judicially and fairly weighing evidence."

- W.K. Clifford, The Ethics of Belief

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