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Re: Why did Doohan hate Shatner?

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I disagree. Shatner is the King. Of course it's cornball to some degree...everyone knows it...even the Shat does. And, like him and fans of his performances, I embrace the cheese, and have even learned to LOVE it.
I posted this youtube link in another thread:

Classic me...that's awesome.

Anyway...I have no idea what he's like personally other than how he has portrayed himself as in various media (in which he seems like, at least at present, a pretty nice dude), so I can't say that he's a wonderful all-around guy. Sound like he's certainly stepped on some toes in his professional life.
But performances like the one above...Trek would not have been as cool as it was without those moments IMO.

If you honestly like the corn, then there isn't anything for it. I don't like it, and I honestly couldn't care less about Shatner being Kirk or someone else playing the character.

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wow really? Any details on that?
Ask and you shall receive.
Thanks for the link. With all the vocal ShatHeads in here, I thought I was the only one who felt that way about ShatHead a.k.a. Shitner.
ps.-you wouldn't happen to have a link for part 2 would you?
i just google searched "wil wheaton shatner part ii" and it came up.
it was awesome on many different levels and even made Bill look OK enough at the end.
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