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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

United to take the title, likely. So ... what do you think? Who goes down with Derby?

Fulham 33pts, -23 GD
Reading 33 pts, - 29 GD
Birmingham City 32 pts, -19 GD
Derby [Relegated]

Fulham v. Portsmouth
Birmingham v. Blackburn
Derby v. Reading

I would like to see Fulham stay up - and they're playing relatively strong football - but I have a feeling, FA Cup final or not, Portsmouth want to get a bit of momentum going in and put out a reasonably strong side. I see Birmingham losing to Blackburn, and I can't see Reading in a must win, losing to a Derby side with one eye on Summer break to wash away the taste of this season.

So: Derby, Fulham and B City in the Coca Cola Championship.
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