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Re: Let's Talk About Horror Fiction

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Anyway, I don't mind the idea in theory. Many of the stories by these and other authors are less than original. And plenty of classic horror stories have been retold time and again. But to market them as 'remastering' just seems crass.
In theory, I don't mind the idea either. I've actually thought for a while that Shakespearean English will someday become so foreign that Shakespeare's plays will require translation into modern English, just as they require translation into French, German, etc.

I even think that it would be interesting to do this today: get some of today's greatest poets to translate Shakespeare in the same way that Seamus Heaney translated Beowulf.

I'm just not convinced that nineteenth-century prose is archaic enough to require 'translation'. Anything written after about 1750 reads like modern English to me. As a consequence, this sounds suspiciously like 'dumbing-down' rather than 'translation'.

But I'd be willing to give them a try. *shrug*
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