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Oily Troi! Yuk!
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Interesting review.

I don't dislike this one as much as I used to, but it has some really cheesy yet disturbing parts to it. The Troi and Ral parts are painful to watch.

Seems like even after TNG "got good," the Troi episodes were still usually bad.

The idea of the wormhole was pretty great though. An intriguing enough episode that you could build a whole spinoff series around it. If only someone could find a wormhole that is stable...
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For once, I'll agree with MEG - this episode is simply awful, and Troi comes off looking like a complete twit.
Y'all need to cut Troi a little slack. She's usually all work and no play. And remember, there's only so much they can portray in mainstream TV so the effect can come across as a bit cheesy. If there were no TV censorship, they could have made Troi's (I hesitate to use the word) relationship with Ral more adult.

And yes, Troi was oily (Yum! ) but Ral was slimy.
Oh yes, opinions among people sure do vary. That's why they have horse races. I've said it before and I'll say it again: De gustibus non dispundem est. Which is Latin for: "In matters of taste there can be no dispute."

By the way, this saying is thousands of years old (obviously) and is as well known as "Veni, Vidi, Vici" amongst those with at least a high school education. Maybe some of you were out the day they taught that. I say all this in response to those who think using a Latin phrase is snooty. It is not. One uses a Latin or Greek phrase to show just how old a seemingly new idea can be.
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