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Re: Writing Challenge- The winning entries.

April 2008 Challenge - Real Science
Joint Winner

Author's note: I warned this was a silly little vignette in the challenge thread. I hope it may raise a smile.

All characters are property of Paramount - or whoever owns Trek these days. No infringement is intended, and no money is being made. No animals were harmed in the writing of this story.

The Experiment

Spot turned gracefully around and curled up, his paws tucked under his chest. This really was a very cosy place. Like most cats, he was delighted in nothing quite so much as a Nice Box. Somewhere secure and enclosed. Just cat sized. And this particular box was perfect. It even had a soft, velvety cushion in it for him to snuggle on. He purred gently.

To be honest, it was a very strange box. It had just sort of ‘turned up’ in his quarters this afternoon. It wasn’t there yesterday. And unlike the average box, it had all sorts of strange bits wires attached to it. And a big glass vial of something.

But then, Spot was no ordinary cat, so why should he expect an ordinary box? He really was in a super position!

He licked one paw in quiet meditation. It really was a lovely place to be, though he didn’t quite know why Data had closed the lid. He would have preferred to be able to look out occasionally. And pop out when he fancied a kitty-snack.

Spots purr rose in volume as he heard Data’s voice in the room. He was talking to Uncle Geordie. Spot was almost as fond of Geordie as he was of Data. Though being a noble cat, he naturally took care not to show it.

Geordie seemed to think that Data had done something wrong.

“What are you thinking of!” His tone was one of outrage.

“It is my understanding that the experiment has never been tried in reality” Data explained calmly.

“But this is Spot!” Geordie yelled.”He could be dead!”

The lid of the box lifted, letting light in to Spot’s cosy peace.

“Not unless I open the box!”
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