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Re: 'Star Wars' Fan Abrams On Making New 'Star Trek'

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I read between the lines.
You don't really expect him to go out and flat out say TOS sucked and possibly piss off his PR meal ticket-- Leonard Nimoy?
You didn't read betwen the lines - you read something into the article that honestly isn't there. As for Leonard Nimoy; he LIKED the script and the way the characters were written, and agreed to repriise his original role. Plus Nimoy isn't like Shatner when it comes to STar Trek (ie "If the money is right, sign me up...); and unlike Shatner, PASSED entirely on Generations - so I think Nimoy was happy with whatever 'updating' Abrams did.
He may have liked the script, but Abrams only got him on board for PR.
He probably be just as happy to tell him to fuck off if he didn't like the script.
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