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Re: 'Star Wars' Fan Abrams On Making New 'Star Trek'

If Abrams didn't want to make a "Star Trek" film then he probably wouldn't. He would make some other kind of original space opera in the image of Star Wars, but instead he saw something in Trek that could be built up and, dare I say it, improved upon all of these years later. It's 2008 and not 1968. There isn't going to be a 4th season of TOS and they aren't going to digitally replace Shatner with Pike in any of the old episodes.

Abrams doesn't need Star Trek to breath life into his carrier as much as Star Trek needs someone like Abrams to breath fresh life into it. One could argue, although I'm not sure I would, that it's probably harder to sell Star Trek than an original Sci-Fi film. But that's all conjecture.

Out of all the people in the world that could possibly give a damn about making a Star Trek film I'm glad it's Abrams that's doing it. And this movie has a very good chance of being better than 3/4 of the 10 official canon movies already out there.

Star Trek is Dead. Long Live Star Trek!
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