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Re: 'Star Wars' Fan Abrams On Making New 'Star Trek'

I think Abrams has just about got it spot on with his comment about being in trouble once you try to make a film for hardcore Trek fans.

If Trek XI is to succeed, accessibility to the widest possible audience has to be the name of the game. I think the film will be accessible to the widest possible audience, but I still don't see that audience going to see the film. But that's no reason for Abrams to at least try to make a film that he thinks people outside of Trek will want to see.

TWOK is a superb film, commonly thought to be the best of the Trek movie series, a film that you don't have to know about Star Trek to appreciate. Admittedly it helps to have seen Space Seed, but it's far from compulsory.

MattJC, would you rather have a Star Trek with the popularity of Star Wars, or a Star Trek that's dead in the water for eternity because it wouldn't change with the times.
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