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Re: Destiny trilogy - pretty heavy spoilers

To me, the novels have asserted themselves to continue the Trek universe in their own right, so to speak. So they exist in a universe that has marched forward almost as if they are continuations of the TV series' they have in their titles, which I guess is just another way to say they are relaunch novels. With that said, in Resistance, Worf seems to resolve this "never to command a ship" issue with Picard and accepts the permanent posting as First Officer. It also bears mentioning that Sisko is no end-all/ be all authority on Starfleet/Federation protocol. His exact wording was something to the effect that he might not be offered a command of his own. Regardless, Worf certainly more than redeemed himself and showed his capacity for command with his actions as the Defiant Commander on-screen and off (Battle for Betazed for instance), his removal of an out-of-control Chancellor Gowron and subsequent installation of Martok which helped return the Klingon empire to a position to aid the quadrant in defeating the Dominion, in the novels by his involvement with being an Ambassodor to Klingon including defusing the situation on Tezwa in the final three A Time To... novels that could have potentially engulfed the Federation and Klingon Empire in war again. That doesn't even cover what he did as First Officer in Resistance and Before Dishonor, not to mention what he might do in the Greater than the Sum and Destiny novels. Its still conjecture on my part, but I could see the logical progression if that were the case.
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