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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

FT Fiorentina 0 Carlos Cuellar 0

Extra-time ahoy!


FT ET 0-0

Heroes and villains all-round. Credit to Mutu and Gobbi for staying on their feet when they could easily have gone down for credible penalty appeals. Credit too for Carlos Cueller, arguably the best performance on the pitch.

Needing a boot up the arse - Ulfalusi, what a fanny, is he even capable of staying on his feet if there's anyone within a 5 yard radius of him? Joining him, both Cousin and Liverani. Granted, Cousin was a complete moron to fall into the trap of putting his head where he shouldn't, but did I miss the sniper in the crowd who seemingly shot Liverani. Given the minimal contact that's the only reason I can think of as to why he'd go down like he'd just taken a round to the head.

Hard to believe that Rangers have held out all night. Fiorentina the far better team, but just unable to find the goal.

I'm going with the Italians on penalties. Frey's a better keeper than Alexander and they have better penalty takers.


Rangers win on penalties. Delighted to be proven wrong. Even more delighted to see Liverani miss. Shame.

Unlucky for Fiorentina, clearly the better side, but Rangers, and their fans won't give a fcuk about that.
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