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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

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In the Premiership yes, but I'm talking about in Europe. In the last few seasons, Liverpool have been a much stronger side in Europe than they have in the PL. For whatever reason that may be, I'm glad we're not facing them in the final. Not that I'm saying Chelsea will be a walkover, but I think playing Liverpool would have been a lot tougher.
I don't think it matters. Like I said you guys have their numbers. United has that edge over Liverpool and it's not going to change whether the game is in England or Russia. If I am a betting man I would bet that SAF would rather face Liverpool in the final than Chelsea. I think this is the opinion of most United fans as well. This Chelsea team is like a bogeyman for you guys. Sure you beat them 2-0 earlier when the Renties just lost their manager and was in disarray but in the last few years I can't remember any other game in which you guys looked convincing against them be it a FA Cup game or Premier league match.
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