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Re: How I Met Your Mother: Barney and... (Spoilers ahead...)

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They never stated it directly, but I always got the strong feeling that Robin and Barney are married in the future. Just the way that Bob Saget talks about both of them in the future. It's nothing concrete, but it always felt that way to me.

So this development didn't surprise me at all. I am a bit surprised to see that there are people here who felt very much the opposite.
I never got the impression from Future Ted that they were married, but I was hoping that they were.

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Did anyone catch Future!Ted's comment about Robin in Monday's episode?

Part of his realization that the goat wasn't there for his 30th birthday was that it ate Robin's bath towels. As he realizes it, he says, "no, wait, Robin didn't live there back then," implying Robin moves into the apartment Ted, Lily, and Marshall currently live in sometime over the next year.
When I saw the episode, I didn't catch enough of what Ted said to deduce that Robin will move in with him, but I did catch the "oh, it was my 31st birthday" bit and knew that it meant something important. I like it when the show throws out hints about what's yet to come.
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