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Sleeping at Warp

Sleeping at Warp

Frank Atlas (Triskelion)

While the Voyager crew is immersed in the development of the Daystrom Institute’s latest Perseus Project at Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards, an unknown alien force has usurped the Federation’s latest warp technology, and turned it into a weapon that threatens to destabilize the most powerful civilizations in the galaxy.

B’Elanna Torres suffers from an unknown affliction caused by alleged terror activities. She and others face court martial in an accusation of Maquis conspiracy. Tom Paris must face his strained loyalties as husband, father and Starfleet Commander, while navigating a gauntlet of alien fleets and treacherous galactic wilds. His mission: to track a superior enemy, and prove his wife’s innocence, by recovering the devastating, notorious new System Killer: the starship Voyager.

Sleeping at Warp is a Voyager novel-in-progress set in the contemporary post-“Endgame” period. It features a new Prometheus-class vessel, the USS Perseus.

I’m Frank Atlas, better known on the Trek BBS as Triskelion. I write original fiction, and I’m interested in authoring tie-in novels professionally, so if you like my style and want to talk projects, drop me a line!

I am also currently developing a small international film/video production company, when I’m not having fun on Youtube with my other passion, fitness training.

Thanks for visiting and thanks to the Trek BBS and all the really great people here. And thanks to the many people everywhere who have made Star Trek a force for good in this world.

Frank Atlas

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