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Re: Pegg on Doohan

"There's a lot to live up to," he explained. "We're very aware of the magnitude of what it is. It's a big responsibility. It's not the Starsky and Hutch film, some sort of cod nostalgia parody hokum. It really is genuinely a serious movie. It has elements of light-heartedness like all the Star Trek movies do, but there's a lot of wonderful things which I think the Trek fans will get a lot of kicks out of, just the familiarity. There's a lot of stuff in there for people who know the show."

As a true fan of the show (like most everyone here, I know) ... I'm having a hard time thinking of a better thing that they could say. Meaning, this is about the best thing that I could hear in the run-up to the movie. They take it seriously. They understand its significance to millions of people worldwide.(And, they're going to come up with a movie that will actually make money this time - an added plus)

I like the idea of actors who understand that scenes mean something. That this isn't a throw (or even an ad hoc big budget) project. That what is said and done becomes canon. That characters have histories. That there is a lot of emotion and memory tied into this universe and its stories.

Personally, at the bottom of it all, I definitely got the sense that that was lost with the last 2 trek movies. Sure, they were going through the motions - develop characters, give some action, throw in a laugh - but it felt like they no longer had the sense of seriousness which accompanied the earlier trek movies. By serious, I don't mean 'stick in the mud' or 'can't have fun' but that what was being put on the screen was part of a larger historical fabric running through scifi.

The 6 original trek movies had their low points, no doubt, but I always had that sense that they 'got this'. So too the first two tng.

Back to Trek XI: great that they are saying this. At times, it feels like they have weekly or monthly 'strategy message' sessions with the actors. E.g. 'Okay, stay on point in your interviews. Here's what we want you to say to community X: it's serious. Community Y: it's action packed. Community Z: young actors' Ha! Well, they're doing a good job of projecting an effective message to the communities I keep up with! My HOPE is that there is substance and content behind all these proclamations of how great this movie is.

Right now, I feel like it's either going to be a phenomenal success or a stunning failure. I don't think there's any inbetween with this project. Everyone involved is too confident and too sure and too positive. Meaning, if they 'got it' it's going to be amazing and successful. If they didn't 'get it' it's going to BOMB!

... Just have to wait and see. Summer 2009 is a long way away!
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