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I was at this convention. The comments were taken from Takei's "Trek" panel, where he (and for that matter, anyone else from TOS) will repeat the same stuff any hardcore Trekker will have heard or read about for ages. Takei IS a great guy though, and a pleasure to hear talk about things.

Much MORE ado however was made about his appearance on "Ed & Red's Night Party", a rather racy talk show in Canada starring Ed the Sock (a cigar-chomping, filth-spewing sock puppet) and his busty fangirl Liana K. My improv comedy team warmed up the audience for the taping of their show at this convention, which had George Takei as the highlighted guest of the episode, along with Michael Rosenburg (Smallville), Kevin Sorbo (some Canadian SF show) and a couple comic book guys. Being a "late nite" kind fo show, the content of the show was easily past the PG-13 marker, and George jumped right in. Early on in his segment, he readily commented about posteriors:

"There are beautiful asses, and there are curvaceous asses. And then, there are... Asses."

It quickly went downhill from there... Much leg-hugging, sock-stroking, and general nasty bnater followed, not the least of which was from Takei himself... And I'm sure SOME of it will show up on YouTube eventually. The REAL highlight for me was when, upon his musing how he wouldn't be able to pass on his knowledge as Hiro's father on "Heroes", the hosts promptly selected me as his surrogate son. Some laughs later, I ended up spending the rest of the interview segment on the stage next to Takei, being lectured by him as his son and asking him questions in return. At one point he called me good-looking... Not too sure how to take that. :P Still, about the best time of the convention was had there, thanks to him. Great guy, and as convention guests go, a real sport.


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