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Although this episode did effectively explore the topics of survival and personal ethics, my main problem with this episode was the fact that only WORF had the blood to save a Romulan?!? This really made no sense since he's Klingon, who are in now way related to any Romulan. Although Vulcans weren't seen among the regular cast on TNG, they were seen among the E-D's background crew and civilians onboard the ship. It would have been much more logical for Picard and Crusher to ask for a volunteer among them. Of course, this would have easily solved the problem easily in typical TNG fashion and reduce the dramatic impact. Perhaps it should have been better if instead of Romulans, they could have used a warrior race similar to Klingons, but hated by them that the Federation also had a dispute with, but aren't as well known as the Rommies.
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