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The Enemy

Plot Summary: A distress signal summons the Enterprise to Galorndon Core, where Riker's away team discovers a downed Romulan vessel and its pilot, Patahk. The team can only beam out when the planet's deadly electrical storms abate, and LaForge falls into a pit that prevents him from returning to the ship to the others. Patakh is dying not from his crash but from neurological damage caused by the planet's magnetic storms. Crusher determines that she can save him with a transfusion from Worf, but because Romulans slaughtered his parents, Worf refuses to give consent to the procedure. Meanwhile, a Romulan warship contacts the Enterprise from the Neutral Zone, claiming that the ship on Galorndon Core suffered a navigational error and demanding the right to enter Federation territory on a rescue mission. The Romulan captain, Tomalak, says that only one man was in the damaged ship, but on the planet, LaForge is attacked by a second Romulan survivor named Bochra. When Wesley rigs a neutrino beam as a homing beacon for LaForge's visor, LaForge picks up the signal and convinces Bochra to help him reach it so that they may both be rescued. Despite the risk of war over Patakh's treatment, Picard is unable to convince Worf to help save the Romulan and must tell Tomalak that Patakh has died. Tomalak prepares to attack the Enterprise in retaliation, but when Picard discovers the second Romulan on the surface, he convinces Tomalak to avert a Federation-Romulan war and beams LaForge and Bochra aboard the Enterprise. Both recover from their injuries and Bochra returns to the Romulans.

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