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Seems a bit far off.

Damn these release dates!

What's wrong with monthly publications, seriously.
Monthly publications are fine if every book in your series is, say, 130 pages long. So if you're looking for Goosebumps or Animorphs or Everworld, you're good to go. (And that's not a slam on those series. I was a huge Animorphs fan as a kid and think it was a lovely series that had much more depth and relevance than most folks gave it credit for.)


You're talking about novels written for adults. That are typically at least 200 pages long. You can't just churn that out once a month. A good adult novel will almost always take at least nine months to a year to produce.
And then there was Isaac Asimov.

(In general, actually, the 20th Century masters worked remarkably quickly, often turning out several successful, thoughful books a year.)
Yeah, but that's like comparing any given composer's work to Mozart's; it's just not fair.
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