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Re: Would a Captain Sulu series have killed trek?

I think they should have stranded a post TUC Excelsior in the Delta Quadrant. Less high tech flashy crap than Voyager, they would have been more even in a fight against the Kazon. They could have dropped the whole Maquis angle that they so badly misused. Plus they could use the cool movie transporter effect from the movies every single week. Takei is a good enough actor to pull the lead provided he had good enough scripts. They could have even had Demora Sulu visiting when the Excelsior got its ass pulled to the Delta Quadrant by the Caretaker. What do you do with a visiting officer and daughter, could add some tension. You would have had drop the Holodoc, but you could easily replace him with an alien Doc no problem. You still could have had Kes and Neelix too. With Sulu at the command you could have the first officer be a woman or during the pilot they could have the first officer use the array to send Sulu back to Alpha Quadrant via something like an iconia gateway effect against his orders because she wants to save an injured Sulu, but there is only enough energy to send one person back to Starfleet HQ via the damaged array etc.... That would only be the case if you wanted to have Sulu for the pilot and flashbacks etc....

It could have worked quite well.
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