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Re: SPOILERS..My thoughts on Spock Must Die!

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The first thing that strikes me about it (and the others) is how short it is. Only 118 pages in this book.
That was a pretty common length for paperback novels in the '60s and '70s. Most of the Bantam and early Pocket novels are in the 150- to 200-page range, I'd say.

My biggest problem with the book really had nothing to do with the story, but with Scotty. I don't think Mr. Blish did a very good job capturing Scotty's accent. It was nae impossible for me to read at times, and (to me anyway) seemed to come of almost more Irish than Scottish.
I think you mean "nigh-impossible," since "nae" means "not." Anyway, Blish himself was from England, so it's possible that the dialect he wrote for Scotty was a more authentic version of a thick Scottish brogue than Doohan's rather inauthentic accent was. I'm not sure Blish had even seen the show at the time the book was written; they didn't have videotape or satellite TV in 1970. So he probably just went with a stock Scottish accent (as heard through English ears) in writing Scotty's lines.

After I finished reading the book, I looked it up online. According to Memory Alpha, it was the first novel with an original story (as opposed to novelizations) aimed at adults. With that in mind, it certainly was an interesting choice to condem the Klingons to their homeworld for a 1000 years. Personally, I would have left more room for future use in sequals.
At the time, there was no reason to assume there ever would be sequels. The show had only just gone off the air due to perennially low ratings, and it hadn't yet taken off in syndication. Blish's episode novelizations sold well enough that Bantam felt an original Trek novel by Blish might do well too, but I profoundly doubt they were thinking in terms of an ongoing book series based on a failed, just-cancelled TV show.
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