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'Star Trek XI' Made For Movie Lovers

According to J.J. Abrams , Star Trek XI is being made for more than Star Trekfans.

As reported by, Abrams explained for whom he was making Star Trek XI. "The audience we're making this movie for is people who love movies," he said, "not people who love Star Trek movies." He went on to explain that, "I'm not saying we're not honoring what's come before, (but) if we made this movie for them alone, we would be limiting our audience like crazy."

"The challenge of (Star Trek) is to take something that, despite the baggage of what came before, was imaginative and unreal and make it feel as real as possible," Abrams said in an article at Reuters.

"If there is a through-line in the stuff I've been able to work on, it is taking stories that are out there and combining them with people who are us," he added.

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