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Alien Spotlight II

In the latest issue of Star Trek: The Magazine, there's an interview with IDW's Andrew Steven Harris, where he talks about the upcoming Alien Spotlight II miniseries.

The aliens Andrew says are on tap include the Klingons, the Tholians, the Ferengi, and the Betazoids, with "a couple that will be surprises along the way."

Writers lined up include Keith R.A. DeCandido (that's me ), Scott and David Tipton, James Patrick, Andrew himself, and Mike W. Barr. Mike's involvement means he'll have written for every publisher that's done Trek comics since 1979.

Andrew didn't specify which writer gets which alien, but I've already ended the suspense and revealed that, yes, I'm doing the Klingons. My story will be entitled "Four Thousand Throats..." and I've already written the script.
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