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Re: Sci-fi Brilliant but Canceled or little known gems

The Collector

That show was about a man named Morgan Pym who's a Collector for the devil. His wife was dying from the black plague and he agreed to become a collector in exchange for her health. She died ten years later when the contract was up, but he spent the next 600 years in the devil's service collecting the souls of people who made similar deals. One day, he decided to try and redeem these people so that the devil couldn't take their souls at the end of the ten year contract. The devil agreed to let him attempt his little game and this is basically what the show is about. It's episodic, but at the same time we got all sorts of twists and developments. For example, Morgan didn't always succeed, either because he couldn't or because the devil would trick him. Also, the devil would make Morgan hold to his own game by forcing him to redeem some truly bad people who he didn't want to redeem. There were also two ongoing sidestories. One involved a reporter who was digging into Morgan's life and who had an autistic son who seemed to have some sort of connection to the devil. Another involved a young woman Morgan met who was dying of AIDS and who got a new lease on life courtesy of the devil. Unfortunately, Morgan can't tell her who he is or she'll go to Hell. This creates all sorts of tension between them. Their relationship did take an interesting turn when she saw Morgan collecting a soul, but I won't talk about that. The show was supposed to get a guaranteed 88 episode run, but got cancelled and we never got to see what became of these characters. The show's lead, Chris Kramer was in season 2 of Jericho.
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Anyone remember Space Rangers? With Linda Hunt, Clint Howard and Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa?
I remember not liking the show. It premiered the same night as Deep Space Nine in January 1993 and I treated it like filler to pass the time before 9PM when the real event was suppsed to begin. My friends felt the same way. We made fun of it because it wasn't the great and illustrious Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.
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