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Sci-fi Brilliant but Canceled or little known gems

You know, I'm always on the lookout for new and interesting sci-fi tv to watch. Thanks to internet, it is increasingly possible to go back and find those TV shows that were either one season wonder or long lost treasures.

I don't know if anyone else is interested in these, but I'm curious if anyone knows of quality (or even or less than spectaular) sci-fi shows that some of us may have missed in their initial run and thus never had the opportunity to marvel at their brilliance (or gasp at their crappiness).

I'm not talking about famous failures like Firefly...who hasn't heard of that. But shows that never got much recognition and were quitely sent to the TV graveyard. Or even British/Canadian/Australian shows that never made it to Americans shores or never got global recognition.

I'm thinking about shows like:

Charlie Jade
Mercy Point
Veritas: The Quest
Nowhere Man
Total Recall: 2070
Mann & Machine
even Freedom (though technically not scifi)
Haunted (I think that was the name ....UPN had the corpses of so many shows lying around that its hard to remember them all)

Some might even be shows where only one or two episodes ever aired in the US but there might have been half a seasons worth of episodes (that were probably aired outside of the US....(some shows might have had more than one season, but went largely unknown in the US)
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