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Re: 'Star Trek XI' Different Than Any Other 'Star Trek'

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Eh I'm getting more burned out by what he's saying than excited.

I think that I would be a bit more excited if J.J. just released some real tidbit, be it a cast photo on the bridge, a hint of how the movie actually starts, or even mentioning what planets we might expect to see (other than Earth, of course).

OTOH, perhaps the reason for everyone being so tight-lipped is because they really do intend to have a revised teaser attached to Indiana Jones; if that were the case, I could then understand the secrecy.

But if there ISN'T going to be a new trailer of any sort until next year, then I think somewhere along the line, Paramount should let a few photos out, just to really keep the interest going. I know they want it all to be a big surprise, but a photo or two here and there isn't going to ruin the whole movie.

IMO, anyway.

Okay, I'll get off my soap-box now.

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