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Re: Windows XP Problems WITH Solutions

I'm new to these old Trek games here but I've been finding a lot of solutions online. As of right now, I only have Judgment Rites on CD (which is why I'm posting, you'll see what in a bit ), TNG: A Final Unity also on CD and the Starship Creator which I actually bought myself when I was in elementary school. I'm a young'un. Shh.

Anyway, I noticed others had had trouble with Judgment Rites, and seeing as how I got it to work on my computer running Windows XP using the latest version of DOSBox, I thought I'd post what I did to get it to run. It runs perfectly and allows to save which is the most common problem others who get it to work seem to have, and I've completed the game with no problems except for my own retardedness at not knowing where to go on the star map (I finally found out why in the end). So here's a step-by-step guide for those still having trouble, hopefully it works for others as well as it worked for me. And please note, this is for those who have the CD, not for the floppy version.

1. If you don't already have it, download and install the latest version of DOSBox. You can find it here:

2. Insert the Judgment Rites game CD.

3. Open up My Computer, and right-click your CD-ROM drive. Click the option that says "Explore":

4. Once you're in the explorer, you can view all the files on the CD-ROM of Judgment Rites:

Now open up a new explorer window, being sure not to close the explore view of the CD, and go into your My Documents folder. What I did from here was create a folder called "DOSBox Stuff":

5. Now go back to the other window with Judgment Rites open in it. Right click in the left column on your CD-ROM drive, and select "Copy":

6. Go back into the DOSBox Stuff folder you just created. Paste what you just copied into the folder. If it shows up with your CD-ROM drive as the name, rename it to "Star Trek Judgment Rites CD-ROM". (Mine showed up as "Star Trek Judgment Rites CD-RO (E)". That's because that's what it was as the CD in my drive. Yours may be the same or different; different CD drives behave differently. As long as the name is similar enough to that, you can leave it. You'll need to know what the name is for later, though.):

7. Now open up DOSBox. This is where it gets a little tricky.

8. Your DOSBox window should look a little like this:

(Yours may differ, I think mine is a little different because I changed a setting or something the first time I tried to run Judgment Rites. Bah, ignore any differences, as long as you get the thing open fine, it'll work.=] )

9. Now, we need to mount that folder you created and put the copied CD files into. To do this, type: mount C "C:\Documents and Settings\*insert your user name here*\My Documents\DOSBox Stuff\Star Trek Judgment Rites CD-ROM (or whatever variant of that name you used)" and then press enter. You should get this in the DOSBox window:

10. Once you've successfully mounted the folder containing your game files as your C drive within DOSBox, you need to go into the C drive. Just type "C:" and instead of the "Z:\>" you saw before, you'll get "C:\>". It should now look like this:

11. Now you'll need to install the game. (Please take note, you must install each time you want to play the game. I'll go over that later.) Type "install.exe" and press return. You should get this after a brief moment of loading and the Interplay logo:

12. Click the big red "Install" button, which will take you to this screen:

13. Leave the path name alone. I don't know if changing it affects anything but it might, so to be safe, don't tamper. The directory doesn't actually show up anyway, but the game still works. That sounds odd I know, but at least it works. Anyway, click install and it will install the game. Once that's finished, it asks you to view the Manual or whatever; you can say no to that unless you want to see it. After this, you'll be at the settings screen:

14. Click the "Auto Detect" button and if the bottom setting goes to "No Sound" just click on the "Sound Blaster" below it. Your settings should look like this:

15. Click "Save" and you'll be greeted with an "Install Complete!" screen.

16. Now to run the game, you have to exit the installer. Click "Exit" and you should be left at this window:

17. To run the game, I usually ignore what it says at the top there and I type "TREKJR.EXE" to run it. For one, it goes straight to the game instead of asking you to register each time, which is what happens if you type "trek2". Anyway, once you've typed this and hit enter, the game should run just fine. =] If you get skips in the game or the audio, try increasing the CPU cycles. Hit CTRL+F12 a few times. I set mine at 10000 CPU cycles or a bit more, and it seems perfect. This may be different for different computers, so experiment a little to see what works for you. You may not need to adjust it at all, which I didn't at first, but then I let the game sit on pause for like an hour and then it started skipping. Hehe..

Now, as I said before, to run the game again, you have to install each time, but as it's relatively quick, it's not a big deal. It doesn't affect your saved games or anything, so don't worry about that. Every time you want to run the game just follow steps 7-17 and it should be okay.
Also, when you go to run the game and install it again, you get this screen:

Just say yes, since it won't hurt anything. All your saved games should be fine. I know it's a bit cumbersome having to install each time you want to play, but that's what I found was the way it would work.
Though, I know, this is only what worked for me, it might not work for everyone but I hope it helps at least someone who had the same trouble running the game as I did.

In addition, I'm posting my solution in exchange for some help on one of my own problems: I can't get A Final Unity to work and a lot of the things people suggested here seem viable, but I would just like to find the patch for the game, since the only problem I have is that it says my CD-ROM is too slow. Other than that, I can get the install open in DOSBox, but that's as far as I get and then it stops me there. If anyone has a solution that doesn't require another operating system since that's not available for me, please help. =]

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