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I thought that Leah Brahms was absolutely stunning back then and still do.
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He liked her for her personality. The hologram thing never would've worked if she had been some supermodel.
That, and I thought she was pretty enough.
Oh, please.
That's why he was so frustrated when the real one appeared, she was nothing like the one he liked.

And yeah, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and there are many people who don't stop beholding at the supermodel level.
This is Television, fercryin'outloud, not real life. In real life, you get what you get -- average people overall. The producers of a TV show get to select whom they show. Why select any less than the most beautiful? So pretty enough is not pretty enough. If you want average people, watch the frackin' news. And really, Susan Gibney is no Jeri Ryan. Hell, she's not even a Julie Warner. Not that Ms. Gibney is any dog but it could have been cast better. Oh, and Geordi has his VISOR which makes his vision better than any of ours.

Oh well, De gustibus non disputandum est.
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