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Re: Another fan attempt at TOS deck plans

Well. I'm not too worried about canonical stuff as (quite frankly) I'm not even sure what falls into those categories. I also don't know that much about MSDs and haven't familiarized myself with their conventions as they weren't part of TOS. So in my plans a cross section is generally a pretty strict cut down the center line and often doesn't show much beyond that (though with the lack of major internal arrangement of the secondary hull, I have been showing the turbolift shafts completely even though major parts fall either deep within one side or would have been cut off with the other side.

Here are two unfinished sheets from my notebook, one includes a general cross section with many of the current elements and the other is a better view of the 3D turbolift network.

The main object here is to try to fit the interior within the exterior with as little (or no) alteration as possible. While some of the stuff was undoubtedly rushed (like the deck heights in some areas), the primary goal is to show that a lot more thought went into this than most people generally assume.

In fact, when looking at the TOS Enterprise, it is vastly less self-contradicting than some of the later Trek ships like the Defiant from DS9. I was amazed to find that that vessel was hardly thought out at all even though most of the people working on the show at the time are former techie fans like us and should have known that we would have wanted a certain level of internal consistency.

Now, in all fairness Jefferies had between 1964 to 1966 to work out the logic of the interior of the TOS Enterprise (which is far longer than I've spent on this project and he was getting paid for his work too). So by the time TOS started filming, I'm sure that Jefferies had concepts about the workings of the Enterprise as complete as anything I've put forward in this thread. What he didn't do (which I also haven't yet done) was put all of that information together into a self-contained set of plans. But had he done that, he would not have used the 11 foot model as his exterior, he would have most likely used his original construction plans as a basis (which was what I had originally intended to do as well).

But yeah, I'm quite sure that I could improve on tons of stuff, but in this case I'm trying to let as much of Jefferies vision show through as possible. In areas where he left a lot open to interpretation (the corridors and turbolift shafts) I've applied my expertise in organizing the best solution that maximizes the overall efficiency of all related areas. The best turbolift layout might have catastrophic effects on other aspects of the ship, systems analysis takes the workings of all the systems to an efficiency equilibrium point. So while if you look at any one system by itself, you would see that there might be a better way, the better way for that system isn't always the best way for the ship as a whole.

I would point out that where I seem slavish to Jefferies' stuff or the 11 foot model, those are more or less self imposed restrictions... I'm in no way suggesting that this is the Enterprise and all other interpretations are by consequence wrong. The Enterprise is a work of fiction which exists uniquely in each of our hearts and minds. I'm actually looking forward to people applying their own ideas of this stuff eventually, and basically throwing out my ideas and putting in their own to see how things might fit together. That is one of the reasons why I wanted to have scaled set plans, but not have them directly linked with a 947 foot long design... some people don't agree on that length, and I don't want to hinder their ideas.
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