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Re: Another fan attempt at TOS deck plans

Well, a turboshaft layout as represented in any MSD can be misleading, since it looks two-dimensional. I saved a copy of your wireframe turboshaft diagram. That seems to make sense. I have to pay attention to rings. For starters, I'll shorten the forward shaft shown in the study drawing I posted and take your advice about the rest of the turboshaft layout as it should appear in an MSD.

About the deck heights, yes, I've looked at the drawings by aridas sofia and Captain Robert April, too. I agree pretty much about number of decks. One beautiful cutaway by Jonathan Burke shows the decks evenly spaced but disagrees with you guys on number of decks and many other things.

But every canon MSD I'm familiar with has the decks evenly spaced, even though the windows on the filming models or CGIs seem to disagree in many cases. But maybe the windows are just higher or lower in relation to the floor on some decks than on most others (which is true for some real-world buildings). And some decks seem to have two rows of windows. Then there's the Diafiant, with three rows of windows on each inner side of deck four.

Anyway, if I can make peace with the deck layout I'll draw up an MSD of this ship and include it in the next release of my LCARS system, in the style of the Ent-C, shown below, and make it agree as much as possible with what you guys are thinking.

But I'm still not convinced that the TOS Enterprise would have so many slight variations in deck height as I have seen here so far. Some are 11 feet, some 10, some 9. It's possible, I suppose, but wouldn't that have added a few billion to the construction cost? Or I could take the attitude that an MSD is like a subway map, oversimplifying things, and not worry about any possible design quirks in the original.

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