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Titan: Over a Torrent Sea by Christopher L. Bennett
Most excellant. More Titan goodness from an ass-kicking Titan author.

VOY: Full Circle by Kirsten Beyer (...) Full Circle will actually pick up initially where Spirit Walk Book 2 left off, and take Voyager aaaaaaall the way through to Destiny and beyond -- which means the book will cover a few years, all told, and it will set the tone for future post-finale VOY fiction.
Fuckin' A. It's about bleeding time we see movement on this front, and can I mention how astoundingly happy I am that we've finally switched authors, or does that go without saying? I remember enjoying Beyer's String Theory book, so this seems like a good choice. I presume the title means something will finally be made of all that advanced tech Voyager brought back with it. Must say I'm a bit guarded about covering that much time in one book, but I figure there must be gaps that can be filled in at a later date, and hopefully the book will be of considerable size to cover that much time. In any case, I will buy this.

Finally, A Singular Destiny is a little bit of a different beast. The people who've been clamoring for a Clancy-style political thriller will like this one, as it's about the political fallout from Destiny's events (which will be considerable). It won't feature any of the main crews, although a ship that plays a big role in Destiny will also play a big role here, as well as familiar faces from other parts of the Trek universe. The protagonist will be a civilian character of my own creation.
Bacco's a civilian, he mentions hopefully. But if it were her, you'd probably have told us, yeah? Still, I'm pumped. Primed. Whatever.

Oh, the covers for Greater than the Sum, Kobayashi Maru, and Destiny Book 2: Mere Mortals have also been revealed, but I don't want to post them until I check with M&M tomorrow.
Book 2 but not Book 1? Curious.

Edited to add:
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Edited to add: I love that title, Over a Torrent Sea.
The Cloud wasn't his best piece (I'm a big Ozymandias fan myself), but I'm always happy to see Shelley get some love. I just wish my curriculum had more Shelley and Coleridge and less bloody Wordsworth.

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