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Re: Another fan attempt at TOS deck plans

Some of the more interesting debates I've seen over the past two years have been over the VERY FINE differences between the Sinclaire and Casimiro plans. The two are NOT identical, and there have been some extensive analyses which have broken down things like "well, the impulse deck in this one is more accurate, but the topside "impulse fin" is better on the other one" and so forth. Shame that most of that has now been "pruned" from TrekBBS... but all this really means is that there's still room for (1) interpretation, and (2) someone to try to develop the DEFINITIVE print set!
Credit to MGagen for pointing out that even better than the two stalwart 1701 plans is that done by Thomas Sasser for the Polar Lights 1/1000 kit. I went over all three with hundreds of photos of the 11 foot model and various photo orthographic tools, and can say that I agree with MGagen -- Sasser got the details right where the others differed.

I've had my problems with him but that aside, Sasser has a damned keen eye.

To really "get" this ship right, you need the eye of Sasser, the conceptual skills displayed by Shaw, the detective mind of MGagen, and the humble imagination of Jefferies himself. That last bit -- humility and imagination -- is the toughest to find.

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