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Re: Another fan attempt at TOS deck plans

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Yeah, I just started to wonder after seeing, lately, so many variations...
one recently I came across was this
was very impressed with the amout of research etc.
Some of the more interesting debates I've seen over the past two years have been over the VERY FINE differences between the Sinclaire and Casimiro plans. The two are NOT identical, and there have been some extensive analyses which have broken down things like "well, the impulse deck in this one is more accurate, but the topside "impulse fin" is better on the other one" and so forth. Shame that most of that has now been "pruned" from TrekBBS... but all this really means is that there's still room for (1) interpretation, and (2) someone to try to develop the DEFINITIVE print set!
Off topic, I thought I was likely the only "old guy" here.
"I'm temperamental... it is who I am and nothing is going to change that at my age. "

...yep, me too.
Actually, there are a LOT of "old guys" on here... a couple who are in their 60s, more in their 50s, a LOT in their 40s... me, I'm 42, so I call myself "old" sometimes, but mainly when I've just had some 18-year-old kid try to talk down to me.

You'll also find that this is a very SMART place. The average IQ here is quite a bit higher than what you'll find in most "places" on the 'net. Occasionally, in Trek Tech, I've had conversations that went over MY head... which is something I'm not used to. But that's part of why I come here! If I wanted to hear about Brittney's latest rehab adventure, I'd be elsewhere!

You'll find that people tend to be critical, because we all care about this stuff, but MOST of us are critical of ideas and work, but don't engage in personal attacks. (Unfortunately, I've noticed that there's a bit of a "clique" on here that does engage in territorial sniping, too... which is unfortunate, but it's not as bad as you're likely to find in many other websites.)

We also are all used to being "the authority" on these matters in our real lives, and so when you find someone who has a different opinion and actually GIVES A DAMN about it, this can lead to "bumping egos." The trick is to keep it "professional" and not personal. We all get a bit "sensitive" when someone is critical of one of our labors of love!
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