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She did not use the word "icky" in all seriousness.
Creepy people are easily creeped out.

The concept of a 1500-year-old Promellian battle cruiser was fascinating. Especially since most of our technology wouldn't survive even 200 years if we weren't here to perform constant maintenance. This was one of my favorite episodes for that reason, even if is is in some ways flawed. Also, this episode serves as a springboard for at least two other episodes. One where the real Leah Brahms appears (which resolves the holo-fantasy) and the other where the pre-ascended alien gives Geordi his mojo.

My chief complaints are that Geordi's behavior is a result of bad writing. No real person would behave that way. Also, the actress wasn't pretty enough. I mean, if you're going to do a male fantasy episode, then the girl has got to be a lot hotter. Do you want to accuse me of being an MCP? Fine. Guilty as charged.
Errr. Geordi is blind since birth. I guess his standards for "hotness" are different than yours.
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