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Re: Another fan attempt at TOS deck plans

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Just a quick question, what are currently the most accurate specs for the "actual" exterior form of the TOS Enterprise?
Currently I'm in the process of applying the same techniques to reverse engineer the 11 foot model that I used on the 33 inch model. As I started this originally to put the deck plans within a representation of Jefferies original construction plans, but later (at the request of Cary) put this into the 11 foot model exterior, I started using my unfinished 11 foot plans (and elements from my 33 inch plans to fill in gaps).

Other than photo's and dimensions of the original 11 foot model, I've been attempting to stay away from other people's illustrations of the 11 foot Enterprise.
Thanks Shaw

Yeah, I just started to wonder after seeing, lately, so many variations...
one recently I came across was this
was very impressed with the amout of research etc.

Off topic, I thought I was likely the only "old guy" here.
"I'm temperamental... it is who I am and nothing is going to change that at my age. "

...yep, me too.

Great work, looking forward to seeing more.

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