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Re: Another fan attempt at TOS deck plans

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Woo jeeze old man, wound a bit tightly are we?
I'm temperamental... it is who I am and nothing is going to change that at my age. But here is the thing, I don't force anyone to spend time around me, so my presence must provide some amount of benefit to others that off-sets my off-puttingness.

But hey, I also don't stick around where I'm not welcome either. If I get the idea that my presence isn't enhancing the lives of others around me, then maybe it is time for me to move on. There are enough places in the world that would welcome my presence that I really don't need to waste any time where it isn't appreciated.

Well, you were the one who made the thread title...Maybe you should've called it "There are no plans".
Well, in the first post I talk about the fact that I'm only to the point of brainstorming, and on the first page I said that I wouldn't have any real time until April (which has been pushed even further off at this point), so it isn't like I've been hiding the fact that this isn't the final product.

Further, I figured that my use of the word attempt conveyed the fact that this is an active process verses a final product... but maybe I should wait and only share the work when it is done. I just thought that people would enjoy seeing the process I was using to figure this stuff out.

But what is more amazing is that no set of real plans I've ever seen included all of the information about the subject in every drawing. What you would end up with is information overload and you end up losing the forrest behind all the trees.

Maybe we are dealing with people who assume that the absence of information in a drawing must be taken as the absence of that information in the over all project. Frankly though, there is 10 times the amount of information collected for this project than I've displayed here. And there will be many times the amount of information used in creating these plans than will actually be in the plans themselves. Why? Because that information is needed to make sure that everything fits together logically, but isn't needed (and would distract from) the overall final plans.

Again, maybe it is my age, but plans that attempt to put all the details in with tons of "life like" colors and the like generally make stuff that (I find) are too cluttered to really make sense of. I'm of the less is more crowd, so once a logical order to things has been achieved, I'll be shedding a lot of the excess information.
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