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Re: Another fan attempt at TOS deck plans

Shaw wrote: View Post
I envision the rear trunk being the main interconnect of the ships engines and power between the two hulls, while the front is a backup mainly used for supporting the secondary hull in the case of warp and impulse engine failure (so that both hulls would be receiving power from the main energizers located on deck 7 in the primary hull). I do have a power distribution and networking sketch, but haven't posted it yet.
Seems about the same as my own general idea.

Shaw wrote: View Post
My main issue with these plans in that the exterior hull seems so thin, especially given how thick the walls in the actual sets appeared to be.
Besides the obvious question (why in the world are you judging these sketches in any where near that detail when not a single drawing seen so far will even be part of the final project?), I will not go against what was seen in TOS for outer hull thickness (currently estimated at about 9 inches...
Woo jeeze old man, wound a bit tightly are we? Of course everyone will be throwing a billion comments at you. That's what happens when you choose to do a blueprint for THE ship. Most of us that've tried have been brow-beaten at least a few times over it.

there are (currently) no plans to speak of. Just sketches of ideas that are being considered for the future plans. If you are attempting to nail down a detail on a sketch which was not directly concerned with that detail, then you ventured off the path of the topic.
Well, you were the one who made the thread title...Maybe you should've called it "There are no plans".

Please remember that everything so far is just a sketch. Would it be better if I did hand drawings? I want the ideas readable, but it seems like people are mistaking brainstorming for something that I currently don't have time to even start (less than worry about making sure that everything I am putting down in a sketch is accurate to within a fraction of an inch).
You got the colors all wrong though.

...Whoops, nevermind.

...They are wrong though.

Arlo wrote: View Post
Do you know how thick the walls of the Apollo CSM were? It varies, but on average about 2".

Shaw's wall are just fine, imo.
It's fine, but remember that when it comes to real ships, weight is a bitch. Such concerns are probably over with by trekkian times.
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