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Re: Another fan attempt at TOS deck plans

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... but that doesn't mean I can't or shouldn't make an observation about the wall thicknesses in the show sets, because while it may not be germane to your sketch at this point, it would eventually be something to consider (and I'm sure you are) when plunking the sets into a more finished version.
I think the thing that makes me a little defensive on this issue is that the final wall thickness on this design is directly related to the fact that I'm basically assembling this ship as individual compartments. Each of these compartments has it's own outer hull, and they all exist within the ship's outer hull.

I'm illustrating this in this image (with absolutely nothing to scale)...

Not only is there a double hull between the living environment and space, there is also a double hull between each and every compartment on board.

I, personally, have never seen anyone else take this part of TOS and run with it to it's logical conclusion... which is not all that different from how the space shuttle is designed (crew compartment is separate from the shuttle's outer hull).

Further, the fact that there is sometimes two to three feet between a corridor wall and the inner wall of a room is space used for infrastructure (wiring, plumbing, etc). Throughout the ship there are cavities off the corridors leading to ladders which give the crew direct access to these areas. So these ladders are quite different in nature from the triangle ladders which allow someone to move throughout the Enterprise without using turbolifts (and I would even go as far as to assume that those ladder-ways have less than 1 g of gravity making it easy to move from the lowest deck to the highest without working up a sweat).

For me all this stuff is interconnected. One aspect leads directly to another and then another. And as long as they don't require 23rd century technology (black box stuff) to be valid, I don't ignore any of them.
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