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Re: Sword of Damocles -- comments & opinions ****SPOILERS*****

They went there looking for a ship in distress but didn't find it. After the big shockwave Troi feels the tie she has with her husband (as well as all the other living beings on Titan) severed and Vale actually sees the ship break apart. There's no reason to assume that the one ship they knew for sure was present was not also the one that was desroyed before their eyes. Troi's empathic connection being broken would go a long way to cementing that feeling.

Now, as an avid Trek fan, it's likely you're well used to the sort of temporal tricks that get played in the lit (and on screen) but, from the characters' POV, there was no way for them to assume Charon was the ship that fell. Although naming a ship Charon is asking for trouble, IMO.

Glad you liked it. I have no idea what Mr. Mack plans for these people but, if Titan survives the onslaught, I also hope to see our friends again.

They are now, officially, my favorite Trek crew, knocking Voyager into second place.

Besides, I totally have to see how Dakal's story plays out. Especially now he's got a hot girlfriend.

Sword of Damocles Annotations new and improved!

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